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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  June 30, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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>> next on kron 4 the budget. san jose is forced to lay off dozens of city employees. the police, firefighters keeping the services going cured them alive, this is kron 4 news at 8:00 p.m.. >> the battle over the budget in the city of oakland. employees are giving concessions but if
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the city council is just come to agreement on a final plan. dan kerman is live at city hall. fan? >>reporter: that is right, pam if they have been at the son's 5:00 p.m. with two competing proposals. they are similar but the difference with and his counsel remains adding 20 police officers. >> we're going to estimate a
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higher quantity. i do not think that i want to conduct right now, the council is divided 4-4. and if reconvening in a separate directions. reporting live, dan kerman, kron 4 news. >> banf >>pam: kron4's jeff bush explains what happens. >> in a story he will only see on kron 4 news. >> the woman with the evidence still on the ground or this father was hit. hihe
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had a history of violent history but he was not aggressive. >> he was trapped. and this mental state where he was still perhaps the military. >>reporter: it started at this senior center where he was well-known. he came here at 11:30 wearing military fatigues and help carrying a handgun. he said that he was going out on assignment. they called police but had already left but it was not far away. officers confronted him. across the street of the post office to the mailboxes. >> they have provided him with the numerous commands/requests to put a hand gun down. for >>reporter: one officer hit him in the chest and he became unstable after his dog " whitey " was stolen last month. kron 4.
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>>pam: new details with an officer involved shooting yesterday in the san francisco near gough and ellis j.r. stone has new details about the suspect and what led to the shooting purify >>reporter: that community meeting was held here new details were released in that meeting. detectives said the this assault rifle was 29 in. long! 2.5 ft.. this suspect this detained after a gunshot exchanges, he is still unstable condition. they have gotten reports that he fired in a cave-47 in the air and walking around public streets within a dish ak-47 with the demolition. they were happy to learn with the
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rest and carrying it around ammunition. >> i asked what were they going to of these town hall meetings? a lot of times in the community that to hear about, the shootings but did not hear anything else. >>reporter: he has been arrested five times in the san francisco neighbors say that he is always had the love of guns in the apartment where he once lived. the chief-he always had a lot of guns. --and this guy is off the streets and of residents should feel safe reporting live, j.r. stone. >>pam: after finding a suspicious package of some of a san francisco police station as was earlier video at 6:30 today. the woman says that she was not feeling well and saw something that it should not recognize outside. firefighters examine the package and it did not pose any immediate risk to anybody in the immediate area.
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>>pam: 67 officers removed. critics say they cannot believe that the mayor chuck reed had this happen. mayor read said that with the $50 million deficit there was no other choice. if this was the scene at the san jose of union hall today. emotions running high vircho the turned n their badges for a family know even of the was a pay cut, and pension reform still believes continued. they say that this could not have come at a worse time. with homicide and gang violence on the rise and san jose. the award on the street is that off our everyday encounters with the gang members and they think that crime is going to go off they all know the we are going to get a leadoff. by july 1st. the homicide rate is almost 50 percent more than 2010. if it will at least double because this
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six more months >> city council slashed the mission of the cities and to rest at heart. cities is going to end up backfiring and the better own it! when summer comes. >> known gang members and the san jose the word on the street is of the jokingly say will july 1st. you guys are not going to be out here right? aren't you going to get laid off? it is carried knowing the game of members know that information. if they are well aware of the information that the gang members-a-are well aware of the police officers are getting laid off cahooff in banff fifth of solidarity >>pam: with words of encouragement, and one officer said " you deserve a better ". (music) >> jacqueline: we started off at warming trend today. temperatures were very
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comfortable to run the bay area with 7/80s for the most part with 68 through san francisco and the 71 in oakland 85 an oakland! all the way up to five-15 degrees and we saw, yesterday. the biggest woman was the inland valleys. 12 degrees warmer in concord and a much warmer and the sun itself tarif san rafael--wih temperatures are mild. 80s in fairfield. 60s/seven is for the rest of the bay area. we could see fog returning with the warming trend continuing towards tomorrow. a quick warm up. the hot temperatures reaching the '90s in some spots. even warmer for the holiday weekend details coming up in just a bit. >>pam: 8:00 p.m. is just getting started. the biggest in the state history the
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raging wildfire in new mexico. >> 21 babette' rabbits rescued, rushmalnourished. >> the wrong. a plot the family and not happy. that coming up on kron 4 the wrong. real plot. >> the protest of the new on mining law to collect sales tax if the have and ththe new california lw for collecting sales tax online. amazons bold move in a position. >> food handling certificates for all servers july 1st.
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>>pam: the new mexico wildfire is one of the largest in the state's history. already say thsacred
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gift maker american section sacred native american the sites are in danger. these lines are holding a run the nuclear weapons lab. >>catherine: pre-dawn more force of this world fire with 145 square miles started on sunday. firefighters have dealing with strong, erratic wind. and a difficult task to protect will sell most of the home of the premier nuclear plant. 12,000 people surrounding this town with dozens of homes burned and more are threatened. as for the national laboratory? it is been closed since monday with a 10,000 experiments on hold. the big concern is the safety of the hazardous material stored. >> we believe that if the
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fumble or catch fire? the will event with a hepa filter and no potential for the use of hazardous materials. >>catherine: catherine heenan, kron 4 news. your kron 4 7 day around the bay >> jacqueline: coming up and your complete forecast coming up. 3 large sides and 6 biscuits. enough real food to feed a family of 4 or more for just 20 bucks. today is a kfc day. today tastes so good.
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a question already!
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>>pam: the new budget battle slices hundreds of dollars of higher education, and the closure of state parks. the governor says there is little to celebrate. >> i signed in this budget today bringing about balance, on issues of this budget pain and down over three-quarters of our structural deficit. and it really does put a wharf fis cal house in better shape but we're not finished. with the difficult decisions we might have to go back to the people and get their votes on how we are going to do things, going for him to invent th$86 million
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>>pam: this was passed under no republican support required for tis a two- thirds vote, just a majority vote was able to allow this to pass. and amazon in california they pulled a big move to protest this law by severing ties with 10,000 sales affiliates in california. gabe slate's tech report how this will impact your shopping experience with amazon and how this battle between california politicians and amazon will hurt local businesses. >> for now, in the foreseeable future amazon will not charge california sales tax. you can continue to enjoy tax-free at this time. >> son had to cut off ties with people in california that use their associate affiliate program it makes
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it possible for amazon to continue using products. selling products to people in california. however, the sales affiliate programs is mostly impacted. who are is in this affiliate programs and how will it and touch them and how this could impact negatively this to the california. >> basically the small businesses from top to bottom cahow you can send people to amazon and get a small transaction fee. now, pushing traffic backs, north. of back-and-forth. and if you are just conducting business for of the state line to nevada. impacting state revenue to directly reduce state revenue. >>gabe: what could also
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impact california is a measure that says any retailer that through a subsidiary has any place or business in california must collect sales taxes. amazon have two different subsidiaries in california won in cupertino and one in palo alto. high of one in cupertino. and often at this would be tried to get enforced? it would be tied up in courts and amazon it likely win in the long run. >> back in the 1990's the big subsidiary problems.... the same could happen again. gabe slate's tech report >>pam: july 1st all restaurant employees will be required to of a food handler court. employees at this restaurant will need a card starting tomorrow. new
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hires have 30 days. explaining what this means for the customers. >> how was everything? >> he has been serving tourists for the past two years. as a restaurant employee she needs a food handler card. it is a test that could even be taken on line by the california law requirement. this will ensure that employees are up to speed with food safety, prevention of food on this and food contamination. restaurant people condign and they know that they understand the proper loss. >> employes will be required to pay for this it will not be more than $15 but it is good for three years. managers have pants to pass this onto the management has no plans to pass this on to the server. >> i do not think that it is
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that much more. >> this is effective july 1st. >> according to the bill local departments will make sure that employees have their card. it will not be enforced until the beginning of next year. >> get ready for more than travel expenses. the transportation municipal travel agency is increasing prices. the muni monthly pass is going up by $2 for adults. cable cars go from $5 to $6 in annual parking permits will go up by $2. caltrain is also adding 255 to the base fare. ferries are also going to cost more. the sausalito very will be $1 more and also special events ferries. $8.75 to-
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from at&t park. if you have a hybrid? there is no more access for hov slain. >> no more uniotomorrow, this golden gate ferry system it is only upper did it by the of the will be no service. the transit bus service will operate as usual services tomorrow. (music) >> jacqueline: another live look. skype-for along the coast! we are scanning for fog along sky 4-- >>jacqueline: and a glance temperatures are going to be on the mild side. by noon, it should be gone with the sunny skies. and warm/hot as a matter of fact with 85
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degrees and 94 concord. tense neighborhood by neighborhood. in the 80s with the north bay. temperatures of-neighborhood by neighborhood. concord, fairfield, and 90's. '70s/80 for the bayshore and 90's to the south bay. this warming trend will continue and how long we can expect this. stay with us.
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>> kimberlee: today on a kron 4 facebook fan page the rear on-time budget. perhaps you remember. members of the assembly would not get paid unless the past that budget on time. checking out or, from the date from amanda. - from the day. it is amazing how what will happen when the will not get paid if they do not do their job. what a concept stay with us come and visit a:30 is coming up, next to 1/5
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[ woman ] sam begged and pleaded... so i sent him to camp. we'd earned lots of points with our new citi thankyou card... and i put them to good use. he told me about his bunkmates, and how he signs up for every activity. ♪ he even hangs out with the camp director. just like that. [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. >>pam: big story to different budget proposals. this fiscal year they cannot decide if an additional 20 police officers should be
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part of the new budget. >>pam: 67 police officers turned in their badges because of budget cuts. san jose was facing a $50 million deficit in one of the union agreed to a pay cut and pension reform. those layoffs 1/4, today. half the banf t layoffs 14 toda >> those layoffs 1 forward, today. in the san jose. those layoffs went forward today. >>pam: also an officer involved shooting. >> $150,000 in compensation from the shilo public cemetery paring their loved one in the wrong grave. details. >> these photographs were taken last january by a press photographer. and
8:31 pm
regain a alvaand refanenrique rs buried in the grave site belonging to someone else. the cemetery district say that the informed the family and their record to move the casket to another site. on three separate claims by the district the alvarez families say they did not want his body disturbed. when they witnessed the family's moving the body of paper traumatized. they are asking for $150,000 in compensation. i spoke with the district attorney in the cemetery is legally permitted withouable to move the body without the consent. there were not cooperative after several attempts to work with the family. at this point, they're going to
8:32 pm
continue to review with listen will board of ordinances. >>pam: rerabbits rescued last week near lake merritt. maureen kelly shows us those were sold the formed because of the way that they were being raised. >> the forto the deformity. >> many of them could not move because of the separate wire cages allotted for the amount of 22! this fur just a byproduct of the malnourishment. >> there were frantic and pushing at the cage. >> three of them have the form limbs this one
8:33 pm
speculates are displayed these are the formedeformed limd only fed white rice. which they cannot digest. >> they believe that this woman was raising these to sell four food. the worst being fostered and the other one are at oakland animal services for their up for adoption. clearly they are getting happy. >> the are jumping for joy, basically! maureen kelly, kron 4 news. >> to clear skies we are seeing even fog. .
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saturday, 95! 99 degrees on the sunday a hot weekend. offthis warm weather will continue torture for the july how forecast. through san francisco clear skies, mild temperatures with a fireworks at 9:00 p.m. it is also going to be pretty mild and san jose, oakland or any other place that would want to watch the fireworks, fourth of july. the extended forecast showing a warming trend. still hot on monday, but it will still be cool towards next week. >>pam: the city of oakland wants to make sure that everybody is safe especially when it comes to fireworks. fireworks, of any kind are illegal! even that sparklers. there is an anonymous multi-lingual called line. if caught?
8:35 pm
people will face fines and even jail time. >> every year we confiscated some in the last year there was a huge cash from the 0pd we do our best in advance to find them first. we want to make a concerted effort for the people to make the eyes and the years of the 0pd we cannot be everywhere. >>pam: the fire and the police from an accord to working together for this holiday weekend. half to focus on and reckless driving charges. >>pam: of the different categories that at a san francisco of this prestigious title and shows you with the city is to incorrect to stay green. while it might be the cleanest and many might argue that it is still a fairly filthy. stanley roberts will have our continuing coverage. >> we have the top american grain a city index from the
8:36 pm
aspen idea of festival. green city index. >> san francisco is green when of puts to the test with 27 major american and canadian cities. new york, seattle, denver, and yes the mandate of cos composting and the banning of plastic bags is getting high marks. with carbon emissions, also energy, land use and water and environmental quality. when it comes to buildings? they praise their energy- efficient building standards. high marks for transportation, thanks to the muni/fourth extensive system. and the major kudos muni-bart--and also the military composting. and finally kudos for air quality with low air pollution. it was at the top
8:37 pm
of the list because of a strong showing across the board. mayor li believes that it is green because san francisco people are ready to believe to go to the distance for sustainability. san franciscans are willing to go the distance. >>pam: stanley roberts takes us and gives us some dirty details. on tonight's edition. now, here is stanley roberts who found people behaving badly. >>stanley: i guess we recycle everything in san francisco it is the greatest city in the nation. for a city that is supposed to be sold green why is this so dirty? get this! most of this is recyclable. this mattress. and that this mattress, and this mattress could be recycled but it is on a street. this transamerica building could also be recycled how can san francisco be the greatest
8:38 pm
city? we keep everything full of oil. at least we of compost. wheat, that is not a approved containers and the outdoor toilet. couches are left on the side of a hill. i can see that we are putting emissions. at least for this vehicle. or what is left of it. maybe the missing parts were recycled? to all the people that of gotten into the recycling thing i applaud you. for the others, they still of a long way to go. for the record of the city would be more cream and of some people would stop trashing our streets. that begs the question of san francisco is the greenest how dirty is the other cities? in san francisco, stanley roberts, kron 4 news. >>pam: if you have a comment or story idea for stanley, you can email us at m coming up, new questions
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welcome back this story is raising a lot of questions about airline security death. >> our security takes anything like this very seriously. i and can ensure your the buses being taken, seriously. >> shock waves all the way to the white house caho the
8:42 pm
flight crew identified authorities that this man was sitting in a seat that was supposed t be, on the dea not occupied. the capt. notified of 40's but some of the passenger was not taken into custody. however, authorities were there from los angeles to atlanta using a day old boarding pass. this time, they found 10 of their passes and his back. none of them in his name. now, he is being charged as a stowaway. the statement is stressing that he is under the same scrutiny of other airline passengers. however, one
8:43 pm
person is speaking out. >> nobody can tell me that they have security of this is the loss of security. we do not have security. this is proved in front of the people. this is an illusion. reporting, catherine heenan. >>pam: coming up hey gary. and the a's have the longest player transferred.
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>> gary: good evening everybody. nobody paid more than mark ellis and the a's he was traded to the colorado rockies. nobody played longer for the a's and margolis. and believe it or not he stayed for repair flow today. 1021 games credit to:all for a minor league pitcher. the player was named later. the eighth player came and and took over his position but it gets a new start with the rockies. >> it is a difficult day for me. it is a great organization i am very proud to be part of it for 10
8:47 pm
years. it is going to be difficult but there is a time in everybody's life for something happens and this is my time. >> he was injured a lot. with hitting 213 the sheer but a wonderful guy. billy bean also loved him as they got very little in return that they are going to have to eat roughly $3 million. that is how much he has on his contract. the rockies will get him for a few months. and hopefully they will reassign him. the a's off without mark in the organization. things could go their way or not. five- nothing = florida marlins. and chris suzuki trailing by 3. suzuki to deep left
8:48 pm
field and gone! 5-4 = florida. alice it is all his but he had to come back. 5-4 = 40 marlins. giants and another one are ron came in the chicago. minor giant history. matt damon at the 1000 career strike but the giants' coach 10-2 innings without a hit! brian wilson, for the first time cannot close. ramirez hit a home run with two outs in the nine . the 13th! sandoval the giants gone they appear to give them what they need to-1. at the bottom of the 13th inning! soto wins it 3- 1 blast. five-two giants.
8:49 pm
losing 13 to chicago the our own to the detroit tigers tomorrow night. and the hometown of pamela, detroit. and it is exciting. when you tweet? >> i do not tweet! jacqueline? i tweet for weather. >> gary: only tweet professional. or i had the best taco. >> i used to have a personal one but it got a little creepy. so i, took it away. >> gary: in trying to relate it to younger people. i guess hand written letters are opened. and just write " you look out ". and instead of i love you. and instead of " you look hot! >>jacqueline: ? i don't know
8:50 pm
about that. >> gary: check bouncing major-leaguers' wants to take his team a way but apparently some of the checks bounced but the happy ending is that they will get new checks and be covered. any fees that employees incurred will be picked up by the team's owner. we are 10 minutes away. from nba lockout, ladies and gentleman. you are living through history, pam. the first time in our lives that there will be an nba locked out and n f l locked out at the same time. can you imagine? baseball! the
8:51 pm
only ones. again, the owners are losing $300 million per season we are getting close. instaled just nine minutes away from a lockout. enjoy basketball while you can for 9 minutes. and what is? hey gary! >> hey gary how long do think that this lot out will last. >> if i was betting? i would say to february and the and the fplayers would start to shake. if you are making 5 million-6 million per year you are going to live like that. >>pam: your going to miss that money. >> yes. >> you are going to miss that money and perhaps the league will miss the entire season like they did in hockey. like they did and if they do not get what they
8:52 pm
want? they could dismiss the entire season. >>pam: which are right back.
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8:54 pm
>> kimberlee: your entertainment headlines. prince william and kate begin their first official trip abroad. letting in ottawa landing in ottawa greeted by the prime minister. showering with
8:55 pm
flowers, and they will be coming to california to july 8th. >>pam lindsay lohan is facing criticism just hours after her 35 day house arrest. she was merely speculating that she was just partying too hard. the actress went to twitter that she had a huge platform and her near fall. she was under house arrest for violating probation and shoplifting. >> this he was found slumped over in his home after taking too many bills. 33 year-old was charged- discharged as he struggles to stay sober. he is on a show " the tudor's " the
8:56 pm
panel also the unloved child was spotted out and about. they were eating at a california pizza kitchen in california. the love child of arnold of a schwarzenegger. >>pam: >>gary: jacqueline? >>jacqueline: 90's what we can expect is other locations but take a look at this extended forecast!. for your fourth of july forecast. the even triple digits. another time to remind you that you do not want to be messing with fireworks this hot, dry. it is an accident waiting to happen to leave it to the professionals and watch it at the shows. >>pam: a great advice and a thank-you will see you
8:57 pm
tonight at 11:00 p.m. (music) [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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